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The CRC Line Inc. is a privately held 2nd generation family operated company, founded in 1957 and run by Bill McGuirk. We are a manufacturer/distributor and specialist in private label branding. We supply our own brand of products under the Mass King label as well as the exclusive distribution of imported products used in the repair applications in automotive, aviation and marine industries.

Bill has been involved in developing the Mass King brand along with private label, converting and packaging of masking paper, paintable plastic sheeting, collision wrap, printed mixing cups and other products for more than 60 years.

CRC will continue to pursue other related products to offer exclusive distribution for the US and Canadian markets.

Our History 

The Chemical Research Company was founded by Jim McGuirk in May of 1957. As the first body filler salesman in New England in 1954 he decided to venture on his own and bought a 60 gallon bread mixer. He created his own formulas and branded his product CRC. By 1960 he had added several other items to his offering by buying bulk and repackaging. As the need for warehouse distribution developed he continued to add brand names through much of the 60’s and 70’s. He began converting and packaging masking paper in 1971 to add to his CRC brand as well. Ever an independent, he rarely duplicated lines and looked to bring new, lesser known products to market. The biggest reason attributed to his early success was always based on honesty and integrity in all customer and supplier relations.

In the early 70’s the company was incorporated as The C.R.C. Line, Inc. In 1977 Jim’s son, Bill McGuirk joined the CRC team. Bill would say that he actually worked at CRC prior to the existence of child labor laws as the family would sometimes join on the weekends to catch up on production as the business was growing in the early days. Of course each summer was spent there as well. During the first few years Bill made the filler, ran the paper slitters, packaged products, handled shipping and receiving and eventually customer service, purchasing and accounting matters. It was not until later years he realized his father’s thinking behind this and appreciated it when it came his time.

By 1986 Bill had taken over as President and became focused on what he saw as necessary growth. By bringing in additional lines he saw the value of the warehousing. In working with the paper mills he built some of his own masking products to maintain his own independence from the other warehouses. Through the 90’s and early 2000’s CRC added sheeting, mixing cups and various other items direct from manufacturers who were looking for an entrée into the automotive aftermarket. With an enhanced private label capacity they added many customers with national presence or strong regional presence beyond the northeast.

In 2017 the growth of their own Mass King label and other private label brands, CRC decided to sell off it ‘s warehouse division. The continuing operation now includes a larger direct sales force along with independent rep agencies to provide complete coverage throughout the U.S and Canada. With plans to add to it’s own and other private label offerings over the years to come, it still comes back to the integrity of the company’s relationships.

We look forward to the opportunity to continue or begin to service your needs.

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Call Us: (508) 757-0013

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